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Reflecting on the year

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General News As the year ends, we can take a few minutes to review the events in the industry that have changed. This year has been a big push away from allowing content editors with limited skills continue to have a massive impact on the status of sites. As the Web Development field matures we find Content Specialist have become important to the over-all trust and ranking of a site. The time has past of allowing someone to just work on the content of a site as their secondary duty to their Full time position.
Writing for the web involves research and content creation that provides value to the visitor.

Another change over the year has been a the development of user experiences. Customized content driven directly to the visitor by focusing on known values of that visitor. Have they visited before? Is there something I know they want to do based on keywords and provide personalized results to their query? As this part of the industry moves forward we will have to consider privacy vs personalizing of content.

I am looking forward to a new year. Have a great day!